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01-01-06 | 22:48

Happy New Year.
In my Mother’s office on Friday I came across ‘The Portion Teller’, a book about weight loss through portion sizes rather than serving sizes. When I asked her about the book she told me that she bought it for me. I have never been a person to read weight loss books. I find them hopeless. Sometimes I have the ‘if you can’t do it yourself’ attitude toward things such as self help books and the like. But I kind of fell into reading this book, it is terribly written but so is Law And Order and I can’t seem to stop watching that so I might as well spend my time reading this book. I just finished ‘The Penelopiad’ by Margaret Atwood. It is a twist to the ancient story, on the myth of what Penelope was really doing whilst Odysseys was gone for twenty years. The narrative is told through a dead Penelope and the story even tries to explain why her twelve maids were hanged. The maids form a chanting and singing Chorus. The story is haunting and compassionate.
My New Years was very lovely. Quiet, but the New Years in three years. I woke up and went to the gym for only thirty minutes, I came home and Esther came over and did my nails. Then PB did the laundry and I ran some errands. Around 8:45 we went to dinner at this fabulous contemporary Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood. The chef/owner did a stint as a private chef to the Japanese ambassador to the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica and his cuisine reflects his Caribbean experience. So we had eclectic and tasty food like banana boat roll made with fried banana and spicy tuna, and a satoimo croquette, which is taro yam, stuffed with seafood in a dashi soup. I also had a spicy vegetable roll that was made of spinach, burdock, avocado, and spicy sauce. After feasting on many dishes and a bottle of sake we went home and opened a bottle of La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot, 1995. It was a good bottle. After PB and I took that Burgundy class we discuss every wine we drink. On Christmas we had a 1998 bottle of Veuve and it was so exciting to compare regular Brut Veuve, the 1998 and the 1995. We are in no way connoisseurs, and I am sure anyone with an education in wines would be physically sick to hear us talk but we enjoyed being able to discuss the different tastes and smells in the three different bottles. 1998 was very dark and had less bubbles than ‘regular’ Veuve. It also had less taste, or less of a bite or a sting to it. It was very light tasting despite its dark color and had little to no after taste. I prefer this to ‘regular’ Veuve. La Grande Dame was so interesting. It was not as dark as 1998, but darker than ‘regular’ Veuve. It was musky, almost moldy, heady, and very brut. The La Grande Dame had no after taste aside from a rich taste that lingered on the back on your tongue. Oh it was such a complicated wine, I want to drink more of it, if only to better describe its taste. I bought Ossetra caviar earlier, along with blinis and crème fraîche. Oh, and two small flourless chocolate cake. Oh, no, I am not a hedonist; it was just a very decadent evening.
Today we stayed in, ordering omelets and coffees for breakfast, going for a walk in the evening and topping off the day with take out from the Japanese restaurant that I am now addicted to. More spicy vegetable rolls and oshitashi.
Now PB who is in the living room watching The Family Guy is calling me out to watch it with him.
I hope all of you lovelies had a happy new year and I cannot wait to read about it!
Sorry this entry is so scattered, I do have ‘real’ things (issues) to write about but I lack the focus at the time being.

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