Thin Air
08-26-06 | 13:58

Updating if only to remove the previous post.
Matters have improved slightly. PB and I had a discussion, and I am learning to not be so dependent on him, and to be by myself again. It is slow but OK, I am at the stage where I am making myself do things, before all I wanted was to be with PB and would drag myself to appointments, work even a social outing, but now I kind of see how doing those things (rather than sitting on the sofa with PB) is better for me and I start to want that too. Making no sense.
I feel Autumn in the air and it thrills me. I miss my ex boy and am still smarting from a vain attempt to get in touch with him when it is clear that he wants nothing to do with me.
I showed PB the previous entry - I copied it onto a notepad and he read it. That helped things between us a bit. I have yoga soon and I am going to try and get some cardio in. I had a facial this morning and it was so lovely.
I really do want my ex back in my life, in a friend way, nothing else. I miss him when Autumn arrives.

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