10-06-06 | 19:54

I'm in love, Chocolate & Zucchini - I've been reading all day. OK so a real entry. I was less tired today, and had a very busy day at work, which was good because it kept me free from thinking about things.
Man, I just cannot muster up a real entry. I need to go back to Pilates, which I will do tomorrow, I feel (OK, just an aside my little room window faces the apartment directly across the street from me and focuses on a bathroom window which is not tinted and I just saw a little boy washing his hands, thank goodness I didn't see the act preceding it, where was I?) I feel sluggish and heavy, I need to twist around and bend to get the circulation moving and feel alive again.
Autumn makes me want to cook. I miss my best friend R.

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This time I mean it
10-06-06 | 08:17

I never updated yesterday. Updating everyday is hard, math is hard. Oh well stay tuned for a proper update this evening.

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