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08-29-10 | 17:27

It has been almost an hour since I ordered Liquiteria, and they just arrived. I was going to go on a mini-rant that my card did not work and my juice will never come, but alas - my juice is here and I am geting juicy!

Yesterday I had my mani & pedi, I rebounded and then PB and I went to Citarella and got some groceries for the weekend. After we got home he worked on his moped and I watched some episodes of Buffy. Love, love, love that show. Then we went to Central Park for a movie in the park. Last night was viewers choice and Manhattan won, of course the only two choices were Manhattan and Serendipity, so it was no surprise that Manhattan won, although the crowd around us was more the Serendipity viewing crowd. I doubt half the audience understood the movie, and most people kept laughing at all the unfunny moments because they are used to ro-cos. So when Diane Keaton's character falls in love with Woody Allen's Issac the crowd went "oooh!" and when she left him for Yale, the crowd went "nooo" Uh, those moments are so not the point. I was disappointed by the viewers understanding of the movie. Manhattan is a self-indulgent movie, but Woody Allen's self indulgence was instrumental in defining the city’s filmic landscape. The characters are misanthropic, over educated, upper-middle-class white people who let their desire get the better of them. And I'm afraid people interpreted the film as a romantic-comedy with Diane Keaton's character as the main girl. But the film does not adhere to the ro-co standards (no villian, all five characters end up alone). And PB and I are soooo not festival people. I'm not into having people's nasty bedsheets overlapping with my picnic blanket. Ick. Disgusting. It should have been a private event, or there ought to have been a no admittance policy without a picnic blanket.

After the movie we were walking east out of the park and we ran into a close acquaintance of mine, and her new puppy! I had a feeling that she would be at this event. It was a very K type event. She is OK, she enjoys talking and she talks over me too much for my enjoyment.

So today! Today I made pecan chocolate chip cookies. My most favorite cookie. I toast the pecans and then pulse them in the grinder so most are a fine powder but some are in chunky pieces and add it along with the chocolate chips. The toasted pecans add such a nice deep nutty flavor and do not overpower the lovely chocolaty goodness of chocolate chip cookies. Then I made a pasta salad so PB and his game buddies can nibble on something while they play their dorky games. The pasta salad was whole wheat penne with crumbled feta, zucchini, red onion in a lemon and olive oil mixture. I marinated the red onion in the olive oil lemon mixture to soften the flavor a bit, and I salted the zucchini and strained it for a few minutes to remove some of the water. Very nice light dish for a hot summer day (summer came back!) yet very hearty and filling.

Then... I went to my dance class. Whew! My whole body is shaking. It is a two-hour class, and the entire class is, well, ninety minutes of the one-hundred-twenty minute class is filled with really intense movement. Ab work and lots of work on the thigh and butt. But it was all "sexy" work. So the class was basically miming sex. It is quite sexy, but exhausting. By the time we got to the pole my legs were shaking. I could hardly move. I wasn't able to master the pole swing move, called the firefly. The pole hurts my hand and spinning around gets me dizzy. But everything else is amazing. So much hip gyrating and back arching. Very, very, very dark room, and loud music. You really get into yourself and it is east to forget the other people. I look forward to my next class because I will be better prepared. I will bring some coconut water, or regular water. I will also wear sexier clothes.

Now I'm drinking my juice and hanging out in the back room whilst PB and his buddies play their dorky games. I'm gonna watch some Buffy, write my things I love list to my best girlfriend and call it a night.


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08-27-10 | 17:10

I have a headache. Probably caused by the butter and sugar that I ate. Not disguised in a cupcake or any other sweet confection, but from butter, creamed in a mixer with brown and granulated sugar added to it. I ate it with a spoon. Now I have a headache.
At least I'm not kicking myself for these decisions. Two years ago I would have locked myself in the apartment all day and went on a cleaning spree. Now? Well my head hurts from the sugar and my belly is a little out of whack, but I'm OK. It was a silly thing to do, I didn't eat all day because I wan't hungry, then hungry strikes and I start to think that butter and sugar is a great mid-day meal. Oh well.

I didn't have yoga today. My yoga teacher got sick, that makes only two sessions this week while I usually have four. If I don't have at least three my body feels all crunchy. I love, love, love doing yoga.

I've been watching the tv series Buffy lately, and I cannot believe that I never watched the show when I was a teenager. I think the show is great! In fact it makes me want to work out more. I love doing yoga in part because I really enjoy watching myself get stronger, and doing poses that I never thought possible. And watching Buffy makes me want to use every single muscle I have. It makes me want to learn to kick box. Maybe that will be next.

I have my S Factor dancing (sexy dancing) this Sunday. I am nervous and excited for it. I feel good about my body, but I've never been put to the test with other women in skimpy gym clothes. Sigh

Next week is a week of nothing for me. All I have is yoga all week, then school starts. So next week can be my last time until Winter break that I can do absolutely nothing. I can sleep in for as long as I please, I can slob about in my knickers eating cupcakes (no plain butter sugar mixtures for me anymore!) if I desire. I was going to do a juice fast, but given my emotional state as of late (inability to shop is causing me to face some unpleasant emotions about my self-worth) I think it would be best to just proceed as usual. I may get emotional and upset and have a binge. In fact, not getting a juice in the morning and not having a set dinner is what causes me to make mistakes (see above for butter and sugar episode) and end up feeling sick. And if I do a juice fast sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to perform perfectly that if I don't adhere to my rules I deem myself as a failure and get very mad at myself. Who needs that pressure?

So Friday evening, and a beautiful one at that, in the big city, what do two kind-of-young kids do? I think we are staying in. I would love to be taken out to dinner, anywhere, but I think we have bigger priorities in our life right now, and we always get sucked in to the "it's just one dinner, so it is not so expensive" mistake. PB is strapped for cash because of his moped purchase last week and he is also saving up for his Las Vegas trip in September, and I am just plain strapped for cash. And I don't want to go to any movie theaters until this stupid bed bug craze goes away. So maybe a nice walk? Who the fuck knows.

I am hormonal. PMS. I noticed it last night when I was mad, mad, mad at PB for spending the evening outside fixing his bike instead of spending it with me. And in a very evolved and self-aware move on my part I decided to think about why I was so upset. It wasn't because he was repairing his bike, it was because I wanted him to give me a great big kiss when he came home, instead of just coming home and running back downstairs again. And I actually told him that when he came home, and he apologized! And he gave me a great big kiss anyway, and we had a very lovely evening and he gave me a foot massage. You don't understand - this would always lead to a great big blowout argument where we spend six hours arguing and discussing and it becomes a symbol of our relationship as a whole and no one gets any sleep, not even Bubble and we end up exhausted and the next day our nerves are totally shot, and whew! So yeah, that was nice.

I want this entry to be something more, but I am not willing to give it any more. I am feeling a little closed-off and blah.
See you tomorrow

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